Scott Kohner: Testimonials


“My husband and I have worked with Scott Kohner for over a year. The impetus for meeting with him came from a life changing automobile accident that occurred in 2012. Both my husband and I received head injuries (a concussion and a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and broken bones. Each year after the accident I had more surgeries and therapies to help me correct the physical injuries from the accident. The combination of these surgeries and therapies with my husband’s feelings of guilt “for hurting my wife,” had made conversation and social interaction strained and frequently impossible.

We wanted to work on our marriage and reestablish the ease which had been present before the accident. Scott went out of his way to help us by reading the book we suggested which describes the traumatic brain injury (TBI) recovery process and the unique challenges that face a person with that injury. By reading this book he understood that aspect of the strain on our marriage.

Scott genuinely cares about the people he works with and has been “the voice of reason and calmness” when my husband and I were not able to help ourselves. We both highly recommend Scott as a couples therapist. We are grateful for his help and we recognize the positive changes that have occurred in our marriage that are directly related to his work with us, concern, and care.”

– Sally S

“I’ve worked with Scott for a number of years and have consistently found incredible value in his insights and knowledge. He has a passion for this work that comes through when you’re meeting with him. I’ve never doubted how much he truly cares and can help. I’d highly recommend him!”

– Lindsay E

“I knew Scott in a professional capacity years before his career change, and it was as obvious then as it is now that this was his calling. What I appreciate most about Scott’s interactions with people is his capacity for human acceptance. Without judging, I’ve seen him deliver hard news with sensitivity to how it may affect several people very differently. He’s creative, open-minded, and so thoughtful in everything he does.”

– Heather L

“Wonderful therapist with great insights! He is patient and nonjudgmental. He cares deeply for his patients! Highly recommended!”

– Sarah B

“I’ve always greatly enjoyed my work with Scott. He has a very authentic and genuine approach which I have always found comforting. His knowledge and ability has been perfect for me! I’d highly recommend him!”

– Lindsay H

“I worked with Scott in a clinical setting for a brief period of time. Scott was authentically interested in the welfare of his clients, helpful to his colleagues, and demonstrated professional insights that enriched our team meetings. I was sorry to see him go.”

– Maria S

“Scott is an excellent therapist; warm and compassionate while also being clear and direct. He will help you to move through your challenges and stuck points into a place of freedom and connection! Would highly recommend!”

– Grace S

“What a terrific therapist! Scott is extremely professional yet very compassionate. He has been a blessing in my treatment and I will forever be grateful to him for all he has done for my health!”

– Henry M

“I have had the pleasure for the past 4 years, of working and interacting with Scott on a professional as well as a personal level. I’ve always been impressed and inspired by his dedication and compassion to assist his clients achieve their personal goals and objectives. I’ve had several who have commented on how, with his perspective, they were able to face challenges that they felt were insurmountable. His professional guidance was invaluable to how they saw their personal journey progressing through difficult periods of their lives. I am honored to include him in the circle of those I admire and respect.”

– Derek P

“Scott is someone I have become very comfortable talking to. He is a great listener and never makes me feel bad for whatever I’m saying. I always feel better after talking with him!”

– Sarah W

“Scott is a great person to talk to. Always calm, collected, and listening.”

– Brian W

“Scott is very thoughtful, caring, and insightful. He is dedicated to helping his clients.”

– Ellen F

“Scott is a patient calming presence with positive insights and a great balanced approach to situations and people.”

– Matt B

“Scott is a great listener. He puts people at ease and he is easy to open up to. I especially appreciate his practical yet compassionate approach to problem solving. I enjoy the time I spend with Scott and always walk away feeling more balanced and calm.”

– Jennie Q

“Scott is a thoughtful person and a good listener. He has solid insights. I feel more grounded in his presence. To my mind, listening and hearing are rare qualities in a human being.”

– Lisa A

“I always leave conversations with Scott feeling like I have made progress on my own personal growth. He is a great listener, with an easy rapport that feels more like a dialogue than a therapist trying to ‘fix’ something. He’s incredibly empowering and supportive.”

– Colleen E

“Scott, thank you for all the support and insight.”

– Carol and Tom

“I am thankful to have had Scott’s help as a therapist. He has made a huge difference in not only my life, but the lives of those I love. Thanks Scott for everything you do.”

– Liz H

“Scott, thank you so much for everything.”

– Lynn S

“Thank you Scott for your help, support, guidance, and advice. You have improved my emotional health greatly.”

– Kim M

“Scott has found his calling.”

– Laura R

“Scott Kohner is a very understanding therapist. He has helped me with some of my serious difficulties in life and came up with some of the BEST ideas to help me cope during hard times. I seriously and strongly recommend Scott Kohner (I wish that there were more stars to give than just 5. I give Scott 10 stars all the way). If you have any difficult issues in life, minor or very extreme…go see Scott.”

– Will E

“Scott has not only helped me get through my own struggles but has also been the reason I have been able to help my daughter get through her struggles. He has taught me how to communicate with her and how to be the mom she needs me to be through her trying situation. He is reliable and absolutely amazing at what he does.”

– Amy A

“Scott has been very helpful and is a great listener.”

– Kenneth M

“Scott is professional, knowledgeable, sincere, and really listens to your issues big or small. My sessions with Scott have made a positive impact in my life. Definitely recommend.”

– Nicole J

“I have been able to trust Scott with issues that I haven’t felt comfortable sharing with other counselors. He is very understanding and patient, and takes my concerns seriously. He is beyond outstanding!”

– Suzuko W

“Scott’s ability to walk with me through my struggle, to treat me with respect, compassion, and honesty has enabled me to reconnect to myself and my family fully. His guidance and wisdom have given me the tools to navigate my days with joy, my trials with resiliency, and move through and out of depression without meds. I highly recommend Scott. He loves his work and cares sincerely for his clients.”

– Sarah G

“Scott has helped me through an awful lot, and with his help I’m engaged. He is a person that really cares and takes time with the people he’s working with to understand who they are. He has helped me become a better person. This man is good at what he does; helping people to find their true selves!”

– Mark D

“Scott walks you through your feelings, emotions, and problems in a way that you realize on your own how to resolve them and get back in the game, getting back your life. Scott is great! Never thought that I could find someone like him; so understanding, professional, and wise.”

– Olivia F

“Three years ago I was a depressed, distressed, sad, and angry person and I felt that I was stuck in the emotional turmoil. With Scott’s input and encouragement I have moved back to being a confident, happy person. Scott quickly earned my trust. He encouraged me to embrace my feelings and helped me to learn new ways to look at my life. Scott is a God-send.”

– Susie M

“Thank you Scott for helping me not only retake my power but to get my joy and purpose back. You were my last hope when I started over a year ago. Now I have hope and faith.”

– Marriane C

“The help Scott has given me is relevant in my everyday life. He is a great listener and confidant. He always makes time for me on the phone even when it’s not an appointment time. Scott is a great therapist!”

– Larry G

“Scott is an outstanding therapist and is very empathic of me and my problems/challenges. He even did some joint counseling with me and my son which helped get the situation with my son under control. I strongly recommend Scott as a therapist and have appreciated his work with me.”

– Michael I

“After having lost my business, my home, and my marriage, I found myself unable to cope with the loss or focus on everyday tasks. Once I began seeing Scott, he guided me through the pain of coping and introduced me to the mental tools I needed to refocus my life. Having suffered with guilt, failure, and even thoughts of suicide, I came to Scott as a final effort at help. I found it through our sessions.”

– Wes M

“The help I have received from Scott has been life altering for me. With each session, I feel I come away with AT LEAST 1 point to focus and work on, sometimes multiple. Meeting with Scott has been one of my most valued weekly routines.”

– Brian K

“Scott has been the #1 person in my life that I could be totally honest with. As I have struggled for years to come out of a fog that kept me from believing in myself. I have moved away with his help and am starting a new chapter in my life. I will always remember the support he gave and the courage to move forward.”

– Cathy D

“Scott takes the time to listen and actually hear what you are saying. He has helped me immensely with my struggles in life. I do not know where I would be now without him. He has helped me become a better person.”

– Karen R

“Scott has significantly improved my state of mind. I always leave there feeling refreshed. After having him in my life I truly feel everyone, no matter what their situation is, could benefit from a therapist like him.”

– Christina S

“Scott is amazing. He’s attentive, insightful, and has some pretty great advice. I’ve been able to bring any obstacle to him and he works with me to figure out a strategy to overcome it; whether it be professional, relationship, or parenting. I believe he’s a very well rounded therapist with personal life experiences not just reading out of some text book. Would definitely recommend Scott!”

– Danielle S

“Scott is a great counselor! He is easy to talk to, an excellent listener, and he truly has a genuine concern for your well being.”

– Natica R